Domin8 Digital has been providing marketing & mentoring services to businesses since 2016. We have collaborated with many exciting brands across endless niches and industries!

We've managed to spent over $1.5M in Adspend across various platform, generating over $8M in Revenue!

  • Google Ads

    People want to find exactly what they are looking for almost immediately, with little to know mental effort. Our Google ads search, display and retargeting strategies ensure we are ahead of competitors and right infront of the customer when they're looking for services from your business.

  • Facebook Ads

    We manage and run Facebook/Instagram ads. Everything has changed since post ios 14 and like everything in online advertising, it takes next level marketing and stategy to get the results your business requires in order to get grow.

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Meet Dale - The Founder

Dale has lived in Mallorca for 9 years, building a number of his own successful businesses online as well as brick and mortar and has helped hundreds of businesses in becoming successful.

  • - Josh Byrne

    Dale and the team took over our ads about 3 years ago, and also consults our business once a month.

    We are running strong with great month on month growth and we are well into the 7 figures now.

  • - Nicholas Reynor

    We have worked with a number of media buyers in house but decided to outsource due to the higher costs and results that couldn't sustain that. Happy to say it was a great move and having Dale managing all of our online marketing has been a joy.

  • - James Corcoran

    We've only been running our business since July, started with 1 van, got our second in September and getting our third van this week! Leads are consistently coming in and we are closing most of them.

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